Thursday, December 19, 2013

Green Tree Implicated in Harassment Scheme

By Michael Fuller, Underdog Lawyer ®

An Oregon homeowner alleges Green Tree repeatedly harasses her with nasty calls, in knowing violation of a court order.

"Wale from Green Tree was the nasty one," says Norma Hunt, 61, of Portland, Oregon.

Hunt's delinquent home loan is served by Green Tree.

Hunt lives in the home with her sister, 59, and roommate, 66. Hunt has diabetes, her sister has congestive heart failure, and her roommate is battling stage four cancer.

"We're all retired," says Hunt.

Contempt of Court

According to a 40-page document filed in federal court earlier this month, Hunt alleges Green Tree won't stop its harassment, despite her pleas to be left alone.

Read Hunt's motion to hold Green Tree in contempt here.

Illegal Threats & Foreclosure

Hunt alleges Green Tree attempts to collect debt discharged in her previous bankruptcy.

Hunt also claims Green Tree illegally threatens negative credit reporting if she doesn't pay.

Bankruptcy Judge Grants Hunt's Motion

Last Thursday, Judge Trish Brown issued an order to show cause why Green Tree shouldn't be held in contempt of her prior discharge order.

Read Judge Brown's order here.

Discharge in Bankruptcy

The discharge injunction prohibits creditors from attempting to hold consumers personally liable for debts included in bankruptcy.

Hunt alleges Green Tree threatens her with continued harassment until its debt is paid in full. She says Green Tree refuses to respond to over ten letters from her attorney.

Read a letter from Hunt's attorney here.

Foreclosure Continues

Around the time Hunt alleges Green Tree began harassing her, court records indicate its attorneys worked to foreclose on her home.

Green Tree refuses to cease its foreclosure prosecution while the contempt matter is resolved, despite Judge Brown's order.

Hunt says, "I tell Green Tree 'I filed bankruptcy' and Green Tree says, 'It doesn't matter, we're debt collectors and that's what we're here to do. The calls won't stop.'"

Green Tree has not yet filed a response in the contempt matter.

[District of Oregon Bankruptcy Case No. 11−30638]

[Multnomah County Case No. 1304-05320]

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