Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tan Republic Admits Liability; Settles Portland Consumer's Claim

Tan Republic Settles Complaint About Its Consumer Collections Practices

Tan Republic recently settled a claim that it violated court orders by refusing to return money it illegally withdrew from a customer's bank account.

According to public court documents filed earlier this year, Portland consumer Megan Thompson alleged Tan Republic and its owner knowingly harassed her and illegally withdrew money from her bank account without permission.

The formal complaint, filed in federal bankruptcy court, asked the Honorable Judge Brown to sanction the tanning company and hold it in contempt.

Prior to the Judge's ruling on the case, Tan Republic admitted liability.

As a result of the public settlement, Tan Republic apologized, returned the money it seized, and reimbursed Thompson $10,000 in expenses she incurred prosecuting the matter.

[District of Oregon Bankruptcy Court Case Case 12-03316-tmb]

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